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Versatile Career Skills Education

We make easy-to-use virtual reality training solutions with experiential learning opportunities for industry and education. Our products provide career exposure, basic to advanced skills training, and integrated training capabilities that support broad needs in industry and education. Engage, recruit, train, evaluate, and remediate with practical VR.

Cost Effective Training

Practical Benefits and Noticeable Savings

Our products replicate traditional kinesthetic learning experiences and augment them with multifaceted benefits of virtual reality simulation. Programs using our products benefit from faster training results, foster collaboration among trainees, and reduce their program costs. Using VR to supplement education and training efforts reduces safety risks, increases access to skill-building experiences, and improves learning outcomes.

Our Products

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Serving Critical Workforce Needs

Our products provide transferable job skills and training experiences for careers in manufacturing, the skilled trades, and allied health fields.

VRNA for Nursing and Allied Health

VRNA offers a simulated environment where trainees can practice and develop the skills required to work in allied health fields. This immersive and interactive tool provides a realistic and safe venue for students to gain hands-on experience, improve their skills competency, and enhance their job readiness for real world caregiving situations. Learn More

SimSpray for Industrial Coatings

SimSpray is a virtual reality training system for industrial painters that simulates wet and dry spray coating and abrasive blasting processes while providing a safe, accessible, and realistic practice environment. Its immersive and interactive features help improve training outcomes, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency for painter training programs. Learn More

VRTEX for Welders

VRTEX virtual reality welding trainers allow students to quickly practice repetitive welding exercises without the setup time or expenditure of consumables, metal coupons, gas or electricity. They also help increase safety with no metal, sparks, heat, gas or fumes. Learn More

VRSim is a US-company building immersive and practical hands-on teaching tools since 2002.

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