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About Us

Our History

VRSim develops immersive simulations and interactive software focused on skill development and mastery. Founded in 2001, the company operates under the guidance of recognized virtual reality applications expert, CEO & President, Matthew Wallace.


VRSim is proud to offer training tools that allow students and trainees to practice and improve without the costs and risks associated with real materials, live machinery and/or hazardous conditions. We partner with industry and technology leaders to create meaningful virtual reality training tools and experiences.

Our training and educational tools engage students while teaching practical, fundamental skills. VRSim’s products allow for exploration and experimentation in a safe environment. They accelerate learning by providing trainees with an effective, engaging experience that improves knowledge retention and motivates practice. Thorough feedback, analysis, and detailed reporting support rapid learning. Our advanced training tools and systems measure progress and skill mastery, as well as time and materials saved.

Our Partners

Our Team

Matthew Wallace
CEO & President

A recognized expert in the practical and cost-effective business applications of virtual reality, Matthew leads and represents the company at industry conferences and pioneers new applications of cutting-edge technologies. Matthew Wallace joined VRSim in 2001 and has helped forge partnerships with the Lincoln Electric Company and the International Union of Painters and the Allied Trades.


David Zboray
Operations Manager

Provides primary tech support, training, and demonstrations for VRSim products, and advises on testing and new markets. Since joining VRSim in 2004, he has helped design, develop, test, and manage multiple VRSim products including SimSpray, SimBuild Carpentry, SimWelder, and Lincoln Electric’s VRTEX 360 and VRTEX Mobile.


Alejo Fudge
Software Engineering Manager

Manages development teams and product development/release cycles to maintain productivity, team-member skill growth, and cutting-edge deliverables. Alejo focuses on leveraging team strengths and creative direction to deliver high-value products. Since joining VRSim in 2010, Alejo develops for and leads the VRTEX, SimSpray, and SimBuild product lines.


Zach Lenker
Senior Software Engineer

Development lead for the VRTEX product line, Zach works directly with Lincoln Electric to maintain release builds and design the future of VRTEX. Zach is experienced in designing true-to-source simulations and developing quality assurance testing procedures. Since joining VRSim in 2008, he has helped design, develop and test the SimWelder, VRTEX, and SimSpray product lines.