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VRSim: Virtual Reality Simulations

VRSim’s innovative, nationally recognized products reinvigorate the workforce pipeline. Our “learn in place” model enhances learning, builds skills faster, and creates better qualified employees in manufacturing and allied health. With our in depth technological and product knowledge, proven product quality, and positive value turnkey systems, VRSim remains the company of choice for some of the most respected companies and institutions in the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make skills development accessible to everyone. We achieve this by modernizing and enhancing education through practical tools that transport users to realistic, interactive environments that simulate real-world scenarios.


VRSim prioritizes innovation and has developed, manufactured, and sold virtual reality products in Connecticut for over 20 years. By bridging the gap between theory and practice, VRSim empowers learners to gain critical skill expertise that transfers seamlessly to real-world scenarios.

Serving Industry
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Our Team

Driven by a passion for education and training, VRSim continues to innovate and shape the future of immersive learning. With its unwavering dedication to advancing technology and transforming the way skills are acquired, VRSim remains a trusted leader in the field, revolutionizing training methodologies and maximizing human potential.

Matthew Wallace

& President

David Zboray

& Training Manager

Alejo Fudge

Software Development
& Technical Lead

Lisa Sawicki

& Customer Support

Sara Blackstock

& Communications

Maggie Volz

Business Development
& Public Relations

Julie Parrett

Strategic Planning
& Public Relations

For sales inquiries please contact: sales@vrsim.net

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VRSim is a US-company building immersive and practical hands-on teaching tools since 2002.

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