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Our "Train Green" Approach

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What is “Train Green”?

"Train Green" is our stamp certifying that we believe our products promote a lean, effective, and value-driven learning ecosystem. "Train Green" Products provide these qualities:

Safer for learners.

Safer VR Experience

Faster skill acquisition.

Faster Learning Progression

Cost-effective tools.

Cost Effective Training

The Case for VR

Training ROI suffers from a multitude of invisible costs that eat at profit value. Instructor availability, training space access, maintenance overhead, and operational disruptions all contribute to inflated costs. These factors diminish the value training provides, mitigating workforce development, reducing training outcomes, and limiting efficacy.




Our "Train Green" VR products offer a way to improve ROI by improving training efficacy while creating more sustainable education models.

How "Train Green" Benefits You

Unlocking Value

Safer, Faster, and More Accessible

"Train Green" products offer a variety of practical and valuable benefits oriented towards improving learning outcomes, efficiency, and efficacy.

  • VR imparts knowledge faster than traditional methods
  • Training in VR reduces exposure to job risks and health hazards
  • Our product designs foster collaboration among learners
  • Easy-to-use tools reduce the burden of mundane setup and clean up tasks
  • Gain greater access to critical learning experiences

Investing in "Train Green" products is an investment in a better ROI.

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