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A Fully Immersive VR Experience That Teaches Certified Nursing Assistant (“CNA”) Lab Skills

Learn CNA Skills in VR

VRNA uses a fully immersive VR experience to increase the effectiveness and lower the cost of teaching CNA job skills traditionally done in a laboratory setting.

VRNA supplements lab instruction, helping instructors be more efficient, alleviates split attention during small group activities, and keeps students engaged in lab content. This gives users an independent and active learning experience to practice patient care skills in a zero-risk environment.

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For Teachers

  • CNA patient care skills sequenced in scenario-based modules
  • Content aligns with patient care skills in all 50 states
  • Realistic simulations based on real direct-care scenarios
  • Objective performance assessments

For Students

  • Perform physical care tasks to learn and practice skills
  • Practice and collaborate in immersive environments
  • Learn and improve with instant feedback and scoring
  • Monitor progress remotely with Performance Portal


Empower Instructors

  • Teach patient care in a zero-risk environment
  • Create blended learning opportunities
  • Develop procedural competence in students
  • Simplify evaluation and progress measures

Improve Learning Efficacy

  • Incorporate active micro-learning opportunities
  • Develop competency through completed and repeated modules
  • Build skills confidence with motor memory

Create Equitable Learning Opportunities

  • Use data and reporting to ensure equity
  • Adapt with real-time reports on student skills and success
  • Facilitate individual learning opportunities
  • Support education program accessibility for in-person and distance learning

Reduce Program Costs

  • Lab Setup (e.g. hospital beds, manikins) – $30,000+
  • Disposable training materials and supplies – $1,000+
  • Free up instructor time spent on skills prep/clean up – $10,800+

What’s in the VRNA Package


All-in-One VR HMD, preconfigured with software and access to a secure reporting portal


2-year software and secure reporting portal licenses (includes dedicated tech and user support, ‘Train the Teacher’ seminar, support resources, and on-call support)

Supported languages include English and Spanish.
Requires an active, wireless internet connection for use.

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