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Vernon Expands Training for EMS Operations Center

Vernon Expands Training for EMS Operations Center

The town of Vernon has received a $25,000 grant from the state division of Homeland Security to upgrade its Emergency Operations Center (EOC). This funding will significantly enhance Vernon’s emergency response capabilities, including expanding its training technologies.

Vernon has been a leader in using VR to train first responders since first launching VRNA EMS in April 2024. The training offers realistic scenarios such as treating injuries and managing drug overdoses. The grant will expand this program, allowing more trainees to benefit from these immersive experiences.

“From a minor laceration of your arm to a drug overdose response, to a person giving birth…the scenarios are constantly evolving and they’re hyper realistic, which again, only helps with training and that translates to the real world which saves lives,” Purcaro added.

Along with additional upgrades, Vernon’s enhanced EOC will ensure Vernon remains at the forefront of emergency preparedness, enhancing the safety and protection of the community.

Read the full story from NBC30 here.

For more information about VRNA EMS visit: vrna.net

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