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Consideration of Manufacturing in 2068

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In May, Alan Rooks the Editor in Chief at Manufacturing Engineering considered the rise in automation and its effect on the skills gap. If it is possible now (2018) to automate 50% of all skilled jobs, and by 2060 maybe all skilled jobs are automated, what happens?

“One theory I came up with years ago, backed by absolutely no evidence, is that automation and robotics will eventually be so extensive that none of us will have to leave our houses.” – Alan Rooks

Mr. Rooks’ point is worthy of consideration. However, 2068 is 50 long years, an entire working life cycle or two, into the future. Those two age cohorts will be on the forefront of an enormous transition. It does not mean a shortage of skilled trades jobs, but a shift in the skills needed by those workers. Those that modernize their training, both individuals and companies, shall prosper. Those that fail will falter.

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