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VRSim Release Software Update for Industry Favored Paint Simulator

SimSpray® update 3.3 includes exciting features such as industry-specific content, overhauled user interface, web portal and customized coatings.

East Hartford, Conn. – February 21, 2022 – PRNewswireVRSim is pleased to announce an expansive new update for SimSpray®, the industry-leading virtual reality painter training program. Update 3.3 introduces more field-specific content, an overhauled and more intuitive user interface, a performance portal complete with progress tracking, and customizable paint and material systems.

SimSpray’s update 3.3 introduces industry content packs. These include parts and coatings for aerospace, automotive, building trades, furniture & cabinetry, and structural.

Catering to specialized fields are the all-new “industry content packs”. These include: Aerospace, Automotive, Building Trades, Furniture & Cabinetry, and Structural. Each industry content pack comes standard with field-specific parts (including vehicles, equipment and/or materials), customized paint and material systems, and a learning curriculum. 

The upgraded user interface supports new spray gun models, more immersive controls, and impressive supporting resources. SimSpray’s intuitive feedback, objective scoring, Paintometer® ROI tracking, and high-quality realistic simulations complete the training package.

SimSpray’s brand new web-based “Performance Portal™” connects instructors with each of their students by tracking individual progression of the training curriculum. It also collects detailed information regarding both individual and group performance to help instructors give targeted feedback. 

SimSpray leads the industry in supporting training for spray coating, powder coating, and abrasive blasting applications. Both SimSpray and SimSpray Go offer customized processes and content to best fit the needs of any training program. VRSim offers added custom and/or proprietary part development as an additional upgrade. Visit with VRSim’s expert sales team to determine which model is best for your program.

For more information about SimSpray, including features and training capabilities, visit: https://www.simspray.net/