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Virtual Spray Painting Pushes the Envelope on Training

Jennifer Rice photo
Scott Corsiatti uses SimSpray Abrasive Blasting Module on his last day of apprentice training at PDC 30. Using video game technology, Corsiatti wears a helmet to see his progress as he “blast” away old paint, rust and corrosion on a virtual panel. His progress is shown on the computer monitor.

By Jennifer Rice| Managing Editor
Thursday, June 6, 2013 —
 The curriculum for apprentices training at Painters District Council No. 30 (PDC 30) now have a cutting-edge, innovative teaching tool at their disposal. In February, the PDC 30 Joint Apprenticeship & Training Fund (JATF) program incorporated the SimSpray painting simulator into its training — a virtual spray painting simulator that accelerates learning the fundamental of spray painting. Taking a page straight out of the 3-D video game play book, SimSpray’s foundation is grounded in video game technology. Apprentices wear a futuristic helmet and use various spray guns to paint virtual 3-D panels.

“It does an extremely good job of mimicking true life. The beauty of the SimSpray is it saves time and we don’t use materials, so we’re also saving money,” said Stephen Lefaver, director of Apprenticeship and Training for PDC 30’s JATF.

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