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SimSpray Expands Training Offerings with Portable SimSpray Go: Powder

SimSpray Expands Training Offerings with Portable SimSpray Go: Powder

Innovative paint training tool provides new virtual reality training for powder coating education

EAST HARTFORD, Conn., Aug. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —  Leading VR training tool innovator VRSim, Inc. is pleased to announce SimSpray Go: Powder. SimSpray Go: Powder expands the SimSpray Go product line with its easy-to-use simulation-based powder coating applicator training tool. The new offering uses industry-leading VR content to teach powder coating skills. SimSpray Go: Powder provides convenience, quality, and reliability in a portable, off-the-shelf package that students and instructors can pick up and use immediately.

SimSpray Go: Powder, bringing portable and compact training options to powder coaters.

SimSpray Go: Powder Features:

  • 25 Parts, Including a Propeller, Panels, Boxes, and Geometric Shapes
  • Immersive, Repeatable VR Simulations With 3D Performance Analysis
  • Electromagnetic Field Modeling
  • Faraday Cage Effect Strategies
  • Wrap-Arounds, Creases, and Corners
  • Common Defects and Defect Inspection
  • Motion-Tracked Applicator Gun With Functional Settings

“SimSpray Go: Powder provides a cutting-edge powder coating application training program,” said Matthew Wallace, CEO and President of VRSim. “We’ve made it fast, safe, and easy for trainees to improve on critical skills.”

Trainees can practice powder coating applications and improve their skills in every training session. SimSpray Go: Powder’s ease-of-use, minimal setup, and intuitive design make it simple to integrate into training programs. Vocational education institutions, workforce development programs, and manufacturers use SimSpray’s VR training tools to provide safe, accessible education.

For more information about SimSpray and SimSpray Go: Powder, visit: https://www.simspray.net/