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SimSpray Counted Among 2019 Innovations in Corrosion Industry

We’re honored to see SimSpray listed with exciting corrosion industry innovations in 2019.

Image Source: MangoStar Studio. Takeaway: If you want to know what innovations to look forward to in the corrosion industry this year, just ask an expert.

VRSim Training

We use the VRSim model as a good training device when we demonstrate how to mix up paint and how to know what to look for when applying the coatings. The VR model covers all the different aspects of spray painting: angles, spray gun speeds, and other related conventional techniques. Afterwards, we’re able to demonstrate proper paint mixing techniques so that it’s a complete virtual training package.

David Burtle – Director of Training/Field Representative, IUPAT


Innovative and Interactive Industry Training

Our new technology and hardware is providing an exciting, fresh take on industry training and is bridging the gap for the next generation to keep learning fun and interactive.

Jay Poulin, Software Engineer, VRSim


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