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Building Connecticut’s Workforce Pipeline

We’re looking at local concerns in the Hartford Business Journal’s series of Building Connecticut’s Workforce Pipeline articles, but know that similar challenges exist in industries across the globe.


Vast web works to meet Connecticut’s labor challenges

As this article highlights, the ‘need’ for skilled workers is there, but are our systems equipped to handle the change required to keep industry moving?

“I applaud HBJ’s willingness to talk openly about the challenges CT faces in developing and maintaining a competent, modern trained workforce. I certainly agree with Commissioner Smith’s desire that our workforce development efforts be “nimble and responsive.” However, my opinion is not as positive. In typical bureaucratic fashion, we have too many programs with too many layers to be decisive and effective. I believe there should be a single overseer of workforce development to ensure a single, well-pursued strategy.” – Matthew Wallace, CEO & President

Apprenticeships: Revival of ‘gold standard’ workforce-development tool

Apprenticeships as a gold standard is something we at VRSim support very strongly. Our products, SimSpray and VRTEX, incorporate a strong see/do approach that coincides with the principles of apprenticeship training.

“VRSim has been engaged for years in building virtual training tools for the skilled trades. We have repeatedly seen that apprenticeships work. Practical see/do learning is the best means to bridge the skills gap and fill the tens of thousands of skilled jobs in CT.” – Matthew Wallace, CEO & President


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