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VRSim in East Hartford Goes Hands-On, Virtually

VRSim in East Hartford Goes Hands-On, Virtually

VRSim had the pleasure of hosting local news reporter, Jim Altman, and offering a captivating glimpse into the realm of virtual reality skill trade training. This exclusive behind-the-scenes tour led to a feature on the Fox 61 evening news, showcasing VRSim’s cutting-edge products in painting & coating, allied healthcare, and welder training. Our suite of easy-to-use products bridges the gap between skills practice and real-world application using immersive virtual experiences.

Check out the news feature below (Article credit: Jim Altman and Fox 61 News):

VRSim in East Hartford goes hands-on, virtually

Utilizing VR tech to teach the trades.

EAST HARTFORD, Conn. — With the headgear, hand controls, big screen, and sounds, it looks like a video game but it’s a real-world experience. 

VRSim in East Hartford makes products that help train tradesmen and women virtually — before they apply their skills in the real world. 

“We design, build, and create technology software primarily for the skill trades and, by skill trades, we mean things like painting and welding and nursing assistance, EMS and EMT training.”

VRSim President and CEO Matthew Wallace

Wallace said that VRSim has products in all 50 states and over 100 countries with clients like Electric Boat and Raytheon to help their workers become more proficient with industrial paint jobs and welding. 

“The additional practice gives instructors a new tool in their toolbox to create better welders, or painters, or nursing assistants,” Wallace said. 

David Zboray, the operations manager at VRSim who has been with the company for over a decade added, “You can make your mistakes early on and then you can do it properly when you are actually in the field instead of making your mistakes on the job.”

Wallace was quick to point out, “This isn’t a video game, we hear that a lot. This is hands-on experience using virtual reality to recreate the experience they are going to have in the field.” 

When asked if his VR units are the future, Wallace said, “This is the now, I would honestly tell you haven’t seen anything yet.”