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Virtual Reality Comes to the Shop Floor

APR 25, 2011 | WNPR’s Small Business Project has reported on the high cost of training a skilled workforce to meet the needs of the state and the nation.

This week Harriet Jones visits a small business in Connecticut that’s working on providing a cost-effective and innovative solution to that problem.

I’m in East Hartford at the premises of a company called VRSim, getting a lesson on how to spray paint a vehicle door, from Rebecca McKnight.

“So I’ll do a quick spray for you.”

But we’re not in an auto body facility or on any kind of shop floor – instead we’re standing in an ordinary office, and there’s not a vehicle part nor a drop of paint in sight.

“So I can actually walk around if I want, I can look underneath it, see if I missed any spots – doesn’t look like I did.”

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