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Training with Virtual Reality and Simulations

Virtual Reality & Simulations for Immersive Learning & Skill Development

It’s no secret that virtual reality has a lot of potential in training and education. In fact, VR training and education tools offer a great deal of flexibility, accessibility, and are a great way to create immersive and engaging learning. We think a practical, easy-to-use VR or simulation tool is one of the strongest pieces you can incorporate in your training and education programs. We’ve created this infographic to share some of the great benefits of using practical VR.


Training With Virtual Reality and Simulation


To see some examples of practical VR training, check out our products:


the innovative training system that engages students and modernizes learning. Educational institutions, manufacturers, and trade unions worldwide use SimSpray to attract prospective students, improve training programs, and quickly train skilled painters–all with lower costs than traditional training alone.


​Blend your traditional welding training with VRTEX® Virtual Reality Welding Simulation Trainers. Select the multi-process, multi-environment VRTEX® 360, the more portable Mobile or the Engage™ system for exploratory welding programs.