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CT EMS Forum & Tech Demonstration

VRSim to organize a CT EMS panel discussion, documentary screening, and tech demonstration.

Join us Feb. 23, 2024 for an exciting in-person event at the University of Saint Joseph’s Bruyette Athenaeum in West Hartford, CT, USA! The CT EMS Forum & Tech Demonstration is a must-attend gathering for all EMS professionals, advocates, and community members. The event is free to attend, but registration on Eventbrite is required (register here).

Come support CT’s first responders, listen to a panel discussion featuring stakeholders from all parts of the industry, and watch an innovative technical demonstration of some of the latest ways we can teach and train life-saving first responder skills. This event promises to be a fantastic opportunity for networking and learning. Mark your calendars for this limited event!

This event hosted in partnership with the University of Saint Joseph.